Make Your Piano Play Like New

Rely on us for piano regulation services in Colorado Spring, CO

If you want your piano to play as well as the day it was first manufactured, Jeffrey James Piano Services can help give your piano an upgrade. He provides piano regulation services in Colorado Spring, CO.

Regulation is a process that adjusts some of the piano's 9000+ moving parts to keep them in peak operating condition. Over time your piano's parts get worn down, warped from humidity changes, or compacted and need to be adjusted to properly compensate for that.

Connect with us today to find out if piano regulation services are right for you.

Top signs you need regulation work

Jeffrey James Piano Services has been providing piano maintenance services in Colorado Springs, CO for over 20 years. During this time, he has seen every symptoms that can hint toward your piano needing regulation

You should reach out if you notice:


  • Your piano has a weak sound
  • Your keys have poor repetition
  • There are uneven or sticky keys
  • A hammer is double striking strings
  • Your piano has uneven or odd sounds
  • Your piano has crooked keys
Jeffrey will check your piano’s responsiveness to determine what changes need to be made. Call him right away to get piano maintenance services.