Struggling to Achieve a Warm and Melodic Tone?

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Does your piano has a harsh sound or can only play loud or soft? Perhaps it is time to voice the hammers inside of your piano. Jeffrey James Piano Services provides professional piano voicing services in Colorado Springs, CO. Backed by two decades of experience, Jeffrey has the knowledge and skills to make your piano sound exactly how you want it to. He understands that voicing is often a personal preference, so he'll work closely with you to generate a sound that's most soothing to your ears.

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Discover how piano voicing works

Voicing a piano is a process that is individual to each customer's wants and condition of the piano. Voicing cannot be properly done without first properly bedding the action, regulation, and tuning. Once that is accomplished, the tone is assessed and a plan is made for the customer's needs.

The density and shape of the hammer gives the piano its tone. Piano voicing includes reshaping the hammers and mating them to the strings. From there the hammers can be hardened or softened, using various techniques including needling, steaming, applying chemicals, etc

Jeffrey James Piano Services can revitalize your piano so that plays with a rich and melodious sound. By choosing him for piano voicing services in Colorado Springs, CO, you can be satisfied with the sound coming out of your piano.

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